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I consider myself to be an organized person who has systems in place to help me stay that way, but in one afternoon of working with Marla Ottenstein, I realized how wrong I was on both counts. Marla worked methodically and purposely with me on Phase I of what is sure to be a longer project. There were times when she definitely dished out some tough love, but it was always done with a sincere desire to make my space the absolute best it can be and to give me the tools so that moving forward, I could stay organized. I wholeheartedly recommend this high-octane performer! The size of her heart is only matched by the great task that she undertakes in helping us all live a more organized life. This perfection comes at a price, but having watched her transform not only our space, but that of many of our clients, there is truly no way to put a price on how she will transform your life.

Mimy von Schreiner
Partners in Paradise Luxury Real Estate

Marla is a popular columnist, motivational speaker & teacher. She is highly respected in the field of professional organizing.



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